For Small and Big Businesses.

Technical Issues

Our experience with small businesses and startup working on products have shown they always see cybersecurity as an after-thought, as they mostly concluded that time and investment would have help move the product growth faster due to so many required technicalities.

People's Problem

Little or No People Influence to shape Cybersecurity


Making a Choice & Learning Gap Problem

Impact on Businesses

Negligence in putting the necessary cybersecurity plan in place have truncated many businesses which research put its estimate to over $2 million a year.

Loss of Revenue

Millions of Dollars are lost Annually to Cyber Incident


Investment In Cyber Return Zero RoI Due to Poor Implementation

Our Onboarding Process

Engage & Listen

Engagement with customers helps our team to fully identifies the pains of prospective clients on which we build a unique plan that can scale with the customers; growth over time.

What We Do

With a vast pool of resources, information and experience to draw from. We understand the cybersecurity landscape and how important focusing on the all factors can help keep businesses safe.

We Are a Team of
Experienced Professionals.

Let's partner to influence and build cybersecurity into your products and processes while you reach your goals and that of your customers securely.

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